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Senarath B. Basnayake obtained the Fellowship Diploma in Gemmology of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain (Gem-A) and was elected a Fellow in 1983. Subsequently he passed the Master’s Degree in Gemmology at the University of Peradeniya, the largest University in Sri Lanka. He has a Certificate from the Chartered Insurance Institute, London, and has also been commended by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA)


Our services are as follows:

Identification of gemstones
Preparing Certificates of Identification / Reports of Quality Description for gemstones
Education-Private classes in gem identification / gem business
Sale of gems
For any details please contact us by e-mail: kandygem@sltnet.lk or call on 0094(0)77664190.



    GEM and GEM TRADE Course


    This course is conducted mainly for those who wish to enter the gem business
     GROUP 1
     Section A : Gem varieties, Formation of Natural Gems, Synthetics and Imitations
     Section B : Crystallography, Thermal conductivity, Electric properties
     Section C : Specific Gravity, Hardness, Toughness, Cleavage, Parting, Fracture, Streak
     Section D : Atomic Theory, Chemical Properties, Causes of Colour
     Section E : Transparency, Lustre, Brilliance, Fire, Sheen, Chatoyancy, Asterism, Play of Colour
     GROUP 2
     Section F : Polariscope and Dichroscope
     Section G : Refractometer
     Section H : Spectroscope
     Section I : Ultra Violet Lamps, Chelsea Colour Filter
     Section J : Loupes and Microscope – Inclusions and surface features
     GROUP 3
     Section K : Organic Gems
     Section L : Principles of Gem Cutting, Popular Cuts and Shapes
     Section M : Geuda, Treatments - Heating, Irradiation, Diffusion, Dyeing, Filling
     Section N : Principles of Grading and Valuation
     Section O : Business Principles, Exports and Imports, Laws and Regulations

    Course conducted by Senarath B. Basnayake FGA,MSc. Gemmologist and Dealer since 1983.

Master of Science (Peradeniya); Fellowship Diploma in Gemmology (Gemmological Association of Great Britain); IF Certificate (Chartered Insurance Institute, London); Founder Member, Sri Lanka Association of Testing Laboratories; President, Gem & Jewellery Central Organization; Life Member, Gemmologists’ Association of Sri Lanka; Life Member, Geological Society of Sri Lanka; Member, Sri Lanka Gem and Jewellery Association; Member, Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Central Province.

    Proprietor and Gemmologist, The Gem Institute, 135/2/5, Kotugodella Vidiya, Kandy, Sri Lanka.

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            MSc FGA Consultant Gemmologist since 1983



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